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It is to our greatest pleasure that Heves county can host this exciting orienteering week this year.

We highly appreciate that you spend your vacations with this special form of active relaxation. I wish you enjoy the races and have a good time during the event.

In your freetime please get aquainted with the spas and baths of the area as well as its historical monuments, castles and taste the famous wines.

I wish you achieve excellent results and collect medals in this wonderful event that is organized in cooperation of Heves and Nógrád county.

When travelling home enriched with nice memories and experiences please take the good reputation with you of this area and the people.

I wish You had a very good time in the event!


                                                                                                             Tamás Sós

                                                                                              President of Heves County Assembly


Attila Mesterházy State secretary of Youth, Family and Social Ministry

Tamás Sós President of Heves County Assembly

Ottó Dóra President of Nógrád County Assembly



István Hajdú President of the Hungarian Orienteering Federation

Oszkár Nagy Mayor of Parád

András Stuller Mayor of Mátraszentimre

Zsolt Becsó Member of Parlament – FIDESZ,

Sisák Imre Member of Parlament - MDF

Imre Tóth  director of Imola Holding

Egererdő Erdészeti Rt, Bükki Nemzeti Park     , Béla Vince borász, Vitavin Kft.Felsőtárkány, Nógrád Megyei Állami Közútkezelő Kht., Agriacomputer, Mofabo Kft Eger, Garamond Kft Eger, Zebra Design Eger, Gyöngyösi Vízmű, Bátonyterenyei Foglalkoztatási Kht, Bátony Metall Kft, Geofor Kft Salgótarján, Kontroll Kft Bátonyterenye, Létesítmény és Sport Kht Salgótarján, Lívia Csokoládé Kft Salgótarján, Nógrád Sportjáért Alapítvány, Városgondozási és Üzemeltetési Kft Salgótarján, Salgótarján és Környéke Vízmű Kft, SVT-Wamsler Háztartástechnikai Rt Salgótarján



The event is organized by the Egri Spartacus Orienteering Club, the  Salgótarjáni Dornyay SC and the Gyöngyös Orienteering Club.



VICE PRESIDENTS:                           Dénes  Pelyhe, Dr. Tamás Mohácsy

FINISH:                                                Attila  Blézer, Tibor  Sramkó

START:                                                Gábor  Garbacz, István Bessenyei

EVENT CENTRE:                Zoltán  Fekete

TRANSPORTATION:                        Sándor  Magyar

VICTORY CEREMONY:     Dénes  Pelyhe

PRESS:                                                  József  Zentai

CHILDREN’S COMPETITION :       Cecília  Hervai

KINDERGARTEN:                              Fehérváriné Judit  Dénes, Tünde Tóthné

SPEAKER:                                           Dr. Árpád  Kocsik






                13.08       from 09 to 24         Registration in the Event Centre.

                               from 09                  Model event, training possibility

                               from 15                  MTBO – control collection National Championship. Parád, Ilona valley


                14. 08      from 09 to 13         Hungaria Cup 1st day race in Recsk National Memorial Park

                               from 09 to 15         GPS game

                               from 15                  MTBO – sprint National Championship in Recsk National Memorial Park

                               from 16                  Mobile phone competition – qualifications, Parádfürdő park

                               from 16:30             GPS játék

                               from 18:30             Mobile phone competition - final, Parádfürdő park

                               from 19                  Victory ceremony of daily winners

                                                               Daily summary, video projection, disco


                15.08       from 09 to 13         Hungaria Cup 2nd day race in Parád, Ilona valley

                               from 15                  MTBO – middle distance National Championship. Parád, Ilona valley

                               from 15                  Park competition, Parádfürdő

                               from 19                  Victory ceremony of daily winners

                                                               Daily summary, video projection, disco




                16.08       from 09 to 13         Hungaria Cup 3rd day race in Parád, Ilona valley

                               from 15                  MTBO – mass start, ”1 leg relay” race. Parád, Ilona valley

                               from 19                  Victory ceremony of daily winners

                                                               Daily summary, video projection, disco


                17.08       from 09 to 13         Hungaria Cup 4th day race in Mátraszentimre, sport centre

                               continously          2nd Microsprint WC

                               from 15                  MTBO – middle distance competition. Galyatető

                               from 14                  Victory ceremony of daily winners in the finish

                               from 19                  Daily summary, video projection, disco


                18.08       from 09 to 13         Hungaria Cup 5th day race in Mátraszentimre, sport centre

                               from 14                  Victory ceremony of the 5-day event



Parád, Eelementary School (Parád, Kossuth L.u.123)

Open: on 13.08.2005. from 09 to 24, on racing days in the finish, during the competition. Entries during the event shall be accepted only to vacant places and shall be charged with extra fee.



Daily winners are awarded with marked blue T-shirts.

The winners of the 5 day event are awared with medals and other prizes.

After the victory ceremony on the 5th day, all start numbers will participate in the lottery where valuable gifts, sport equipments are the subjects of the drawing but only for those who are present.



Competitors abandoning the race are kindly requested to register in the finish. The finish can be reached through the following mobile phone number: +36 70 3170095 (can be equally found on the start number).



The daily and summary results can be viewed during the competition in the finish area continously and in the evenings in the Event Centre  as well as in bigger accomodation places.



In the finish areas buffet and restaurant will be operated. In addition to ususal buffet articles 1 dish meals, ice creams, pancakes, and draughted beer will be served



Available in the finish area.



Please keep your dogs on leash in the finish area! It is forbidden to take dogs with you to the race.



Any commercial activities in the finish areas are allowed only with the agreement of the organizers.



Kids are wellcome in the kindergarten in the finish area every day.




Nap Pályakitűző Ellenőrzőbíró Térkép VK-Cél Parkoló-Cél Cél Rajt
Day Course setter Course controller Map      
1 Lajszner Attila Kiss Zoltán 1:10000 22x33 cm* 10km 300 2000/110
1:15000 24x33 cm
2 Bátor Szilárd Urbán Imre 1:10000 31x33 cm* 4km 800 S1 2200/165
1:15000 22x33 cm s2 1300/50
3 Lajszner Attila Kiss Zoltán 1:10000 22x33 cm* 4km 800 1450/45
1:15000 24x33 cm
4 Erdélyi Gyula Kéri Péter 1:10000 43x31 cm 22km 100-500 800/75
5 Goldmann Róbert Kéri Péter 1:10000 43x26 cm 22km 100-500 400/0

Maps were surveyed in 2005, according to  IOF norms, equidistance is 5m.

*on days 1 to 3 in classes of ages from 10 to 14 and above 40 will have maps with scale 1:10000

Maps shall be collected in the finish area in club sacks and will be distributed to team leaders after the last starts. Maps are not covered but nylon sacks will be available in the starts.



On 14.08 in the mine above the Recsk National Memorial Park.

On 15.08 and 16.08 in the Sandor meadow of Ilona valley. Buses can park on the left of the street in a yard. Parking is in a private area and shall be charged  200 HUF/car. Please follow the organizers instructions.

On 17.08 and 18.08 in Mátraszentimre village parking in front of the cemetary.



Controls are equipped with traditional orange/white flag, SI box and puncher. In case of malfunction of the SI box please punch on the map.



Control descriptions shall be on the map but can be taken also separately in the finish areas.



Route to the starts will be marked with blue-white ribbons. ATTENTION! On Day 2 there will be two starts. Route to the START2-will be marked with yellow ribbons. The following classes will use START2: N/W 10 D, N/W 12 C, N/W 14 C, F/M 10 D, F/M 12 C



Complete startlist can be found in the event centre, daily start lists can be found in the finish, and the starts.



All participants will be given a start number, please wear the numbers.



The organizers arrange accommodation in Parad elementary school and in the Kecskemeti Youth Camp. Accommodation can be taken with the provided tickets.



Transportation is provided on Day 1 , 4 and 5 for those who requested in advance. Tickets can be bought for 200 HUF/person/way (return ticket 400 HUF)

On Day 1 buses leave from the Event Centre, but will stop at the Bazars (Kecskemet Camp). On Day 4 and 5  buses leave from the Bazars and stop at the Event Centre.

  1. Nap 4. Nap 5. Nap
VK-Cél 8:00, 8:45, 9:30 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 7:30, 8:30, 9:30
Cél-VK 12:00, 12:45, 13:30 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 eredményhirdetés után


You can taste the terrain on 13.08. Printed maps can be bought in the event centre for 100 HUF. The terrain can be approached on Road 24 from Parad towards Matrahaza till the  Gyökeres meadow parking. The distance is 7 km.



On Days 1 to 3 the terrain is robust mountain at some places with a lot of details. Deep valleys, erosions, gullies and rocky areas make runnability harder. Forests are mostly clear, height of the mountains are between 500 and 900 meters. On Days 4 and 5 the terrain is characterized by a lot of details. A lot of banks, charburning places, stone walls can be found on the terrain. Forests are diverse and at a height of 800-850 meters. Many stones and rocks can be found in the area and there is active forestry operation.



In the finish areas changing tents will be provided and water will be available to wash after the race.

Please use the provided mobile toilettes.!



Dr. Miklós Kincses is the doctor of the competition and he will be in the finish area.