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Course lengths


World Mikrosprint Championchips 2005

(not official)


Hungary, Mátraszentimre


Bulletin no. 4.


On the fourth day of the Hungarian Cup will be organised the World Mikrosprint Championship in the afternoon after the normal event. Who was already on the last year’s Petőfi Cup could try this exciting form of the orienteering. The Mikrosprint goes in the same way as any other orienteering competition, there is 10-20 controls on the course, the main difference is that the winning time is about 2 minutes 30 secondes, and the courses are 300-600m long. There is only two categorys, men and women, and only 30 secondes between two runners. The scale of the map is 1:750 – 1: 1000, therefore we use some special map keys (you can see them at th

e and of the bulletin, and you can see there the last year’s maps too), the other map key is the regular. Everybody can start in the competition, you don’t have to be affraid about that it can be trying, because the controls are so closes in a course that here not the physical skills count.


Event type:


The firs World Mikrosprint Championship was held last year, and now we are proud to invite you for the second World Mikrosprint Championship.

The competition consist a qualification, and a final race. There will be maximum 4 qualification heats (it depends of the number of starter), in different times, and those who start early in the normal event will participate on the first heat, and naturally who start late will go in the fourth heat. The start time of each heats will be announced in the next Bulletin (every entering runners get it) , and  there will be about one hour between two qualification heat. Of course the women and men qualification races will be at the same time, and all heats start from the same area. Each heats have his own course, and before every qualifications there will be a quarantine, from there the runners could not see the competition, so like that nobody can see his course. There is 30 seconds between two runners, and every heats will be 30 minutes, so in each qualification heat there will be maximum 60 persons, so maximum 240 runners can enter in each gender to this Wold Championship. The start cordon consist two parts, and after 30 seconds you have to go to the next part, and 30 seconds after you start, so there every runners spend only 1 minute after entering the first part of the cordon.

You must clearing, and checking before entering the cordons! Because there will be 2 entering time in each minute it is recommended to pay more attention when you come!

The start list will be put out on the third and fourth day of the Hungarian Cup, in the Event Center and in the finish area.

Before each qualification heats, all of the runners must be in the quarantine 10 minutes before the start, we disqualify those who don’t keep the rules. In the quarantines there you can get the symbols. After the last qualification heat in 10-15 minutes the Final starts where the best 5 runners of each heats can get in, because only 20 runners qualify for the final. Before the Final there will be a quarantine too.




            Salgótarján Dornyay SE ,                    e-mail: pelyhed@chello.hu



You can see the quarantines for the qualification, and for the final in the end of the bulletin.

The Mikrosprint competition area is near the finish are of the normal event.


Camera Competition:


The courses will be planned so, that we can film every runners with 4 cameras. The competitions area is very little, so the spectators can see everything.


Wrong controls:

There will be several wrong controls, so in addition of the controls of the courses there will be more controls on the terrain which takes the orienteering more difficult





There is no age limit, everybody can enter! You can enter during the registration, and on the first, and second day of the Hungarian Cup in the morning, in the finish area (there will be a tent for the entries of the accompanying event), but it is recommended to enter as soon as you can, because only 240 runners can participate in the competition  in each gender.


Entry fee: 400 HUF

We give the last Bulletin (Bulletin 5) to every entering runners.




            Made by SDS norm, map scales: 1:750, equidistance: 2,5m



Courses length:

Men qualifications: 400 m, 10m uphill, 10-12 controls

Final men: 445m 11m uphill, 12 controls


Women qualifications: 350m 9m uphill, 9-11 controls

Final Women: 413m 10m uphill, 11 controls





            Men (qualification planned winning time: 2:47, Final winning time: 2:27 )

            Women (qualification  winning time: 2:32, Final winning time: 2:21)

All codes are sprinted on the map near the circles, but it is recommended to check always the codes of the controls, because it is easy to punch an other one.




Like on the world competitions the first 6 places will be awarded. The winners will gain the World Mikrosprint Champion title!



            On the fourth day of the Hungarian Cup, it is writed in the Event type.


We wish you a good competition!


More information in the next bulletin (beginning of august).

If you have questions, or remarks you can write it to the pelyhed@chello.hu  e-mail address.








Man Results (2004):

Women Results(2004):

1 Zsebeházy István


1 Máthé Fanni


2 Pelyhe Dénes ifj.


2 Koós Brigitta


3 Zsebeházy Zsolt


3 Sebők Petra


4 Szundi Attila


4 Balogh Piroska


5 Salfer Viktor


5 Pogány Borcsi


6 Bihari Zoltán


6 Csikós Nóra


Férfi eredmények (2004):

Női eredmények(2004):

1 Kovács Zoltán


1 Peicsné Liptai Vera


2 Zsebeházy Zsolt


2 Marosffy Orsolya


3 Kiácz Bence


3 Barcikova Renáta


4 Szabó András


4 Pogány Borcsi


4 Szabó András


5 Sváb Emese


6 Simon Tamás


6 Koós Brigitta


6 Tóth Ádám